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Bodybuilding essentially is physical training for the purpose of shaping muscle, and losing body fat. If you have ever tried to lose weight, and shape your muscles in anyway, you were bodybuilding at this time. You don’t have to be up on stage wearing speedos to be called a bodybuilder. This is an important understanding; the term bodybuilding does not refer only to people who compete in bodybuilding.
Everyone interested in changing the shape of their body falls into the category of bodybuilding.


 Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter, you should be getting stronger week by week, whether you are cutting or bulking – If not, it is possible that you are not training optimally.

For each individual there is a muscle-stimuli sweet spot induced by optimizing training variables, which elicits the highest rate of muscle growth and strength development possible.  If you are not training in this sweet spot you are simply wasting time.


Figuring out this sweet spot in each person depends on an individual's genetics, current level of strength development, stress levels, age and gender.  I use an evidenced driven training approach based on Bayesian Bodybuilding principles to determine these optimal training parameters for each client and then design an individualized training program, accordingly. Once training commences I pay close attention to how each clients responds, and make any fine tune adjustments as necessary.

This ensure everyone who trains with me gets the most out of the time they invest in their body, and that their progress is maximal.

Interested in becoming a client? Click below to book a fifteen minute video consultation with me

Evidence Based Body Building: Service
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