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Our Strength &  Muscle Gain program is designed specifically for men. We build our training programs on the most up-to-date exercise science, strength and hypertrophy research, which has been vaildated in countless studies, as well as in our own experience with clients over many years. These specific exercises, the way they are combined together, the set-volume, the rep targets and the way in which all these variables change over time are all optimised for maximum muscle gain, strength development and fat loss. This training methodology is cutting edge and simply the most efficient, most effective way to build muscle, increase strength, and get lean. Try this 18-week training program today for only NZD$59. We hope you will love it, and when you are ready get in touch to have one of our experienced PT's train you in person or online and take it to the next level. 

Strength Gain - Men's Program

  • Your workout program includes:

    • 18-week training program, split into 6-week training blocks
    • Instructional videos and/or images of each exercise
    • Easy-to-read instructions to help you use and track your progress over time
    • Opportunities to add on additional personalisation, further consultancy, and package deals with out Meal Plan and Calculator
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