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Michael Helps

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Michael successfully made sustainable lifestyle changes, eating a whole foods diet and keeping a regular strength training habit. Over two years he lost 84kg net weight, while simultaneously gaining muscle mass and putting up some respectable numbers up at his first novice level powerlifting competition, now in the 83kg weight class.


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The best thing about my experience with Rich, as a trainer, so far, has been the rekindling of my enjoyment in exercising. I look forward to my daily workout, and really enjoy the fitness lifestyle now. If you can get this mindset right the rest comes easily as do increased energy levels. Similarly, with the workout nutrition approach that Richard adopts, its about finding foods that you like, that will also facilitate your fitness goals. Then the eating plan is easy, and the body fat comes off just like that. Another important aspect of this fitness lifestyle has been the lowering of all cholesterol levels to well within the healthy range which has put a smile on my doctor’s face. Thanks Rich, for all your hard work you have put into me, it has been a pleasure working with you." 

Dylan Gale

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Training with Rich online I progressed from an intermediate to an advanced lifter. He designed me a thorough training program and meal plan, and helped me stick to it. With Rich I have gained some decent muscle mass, lost body fat and gotten quite a bit stronger. Thanks Rich!

Guarav Rana

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I have been training with Richard for over 3 years. While training with him I have gained a lot confidence in my myself, and a lot of muscle and strength. My body feels good and so does my mind. These two pictures represent the change in my body in the last 6 months of our training together. He has taught me the most important thing in order to have healthy body is eating healthily. A balanced whole foods diet is the key to success. He is the most genuine person I have met who has taught me so much.

I am so grateful to have him as my trainer, teacher, friend.

Peta Grace

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"I highly recommend Richard as an online coach. I decided to go with Richard after my local nutrition coach was away overseas. And he didn’t let me down. He came up with a personalize meal plan, including recipes and not just “ideas” for meals. Even with-in the first couple of weeks Richard went above and beyond my expectations. He recorded personalized meditations for me and helped work on my goals. He uses a great system for the workouts so he can monitor your progress. Communication with him overseas was easier than my local coach in regards to him getting back to me promptly when I asked him any questions and we had regular calls. Great results from a great coach/person. Thanks Richard!”

Chris Mac

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Training with Richard I lost 22kg in two months and got a lot physically stronger and fitter. Richard designed me a carefully tailored training program and meal plan and helped me to execute each step successfully.  I especially value that he made the effort to understand and empathise with the obstacles I experienced as a beginner to the gym, and helped me through each difficulty. I am really glad I started my journey with him, and recommend him to anyone!

Debbie Delgado

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He's the absolute best! He really pushes and challenges you, but is very supportive as well. I've NEVER been a gym person but in these last few months that has changed, I even find myself really missing the sessions the days I don't come. I have lost 30kg since I started training with Rich. Highly recommend him

Hohai Brown

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When I first started at the gym I had no idea what I was doing, I only signed up because a friend of mine from work was going to be training there. Within a week of me signing up he left to another job so I was stuck with a gym membership and still no idea. I approached the manager to ask which of the personal trainers would be a good fit for me and he told me to talk to Richard. This was one of the best decisions I made. Within a week we had sat down made some goals, figured out where I was physically and had a nutrition plan. I started off with a couple of 45min sessions a week and dropped 12kg in 6 weeks. Now I was well on my way, in 6 months I went from a complete novice to training with Richard twice a day 7 days. I injured my knee and Richard changed all the exercises to be seated to compensate for my injury. He is an awesome trainer but an even better person. I’m glad to have him as a PT but happier to call him a friend. In total I have trained with Richard for about 9 months, I lost 27kgs and got a whole lot stronger and fitter

Max Harsant

Max Before After.JPG

I began training with Richard overweight and unfit. In my time with him I changed my perception of exercise, lost  23 kg, put on a stack of muscle and got down to 10.8% body fat. I am very glad I started training with him and recommend him to anyone!

Shaheel Pala

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Richard is absolutely incredible, and he's definitely changed my life for the better. I started with him when I was quite overweight and unhealthy, and he's helped me to completely turn that around. With Richard's help I've lost around 15kg and have learnt a lot about exercise, diet and being healthy, as well as about myself and how I can be improve. He's helped me build the foundations for a healthy lifestyle so that I can carry on and build on it even when he's not there. What I really appreciate about Richard is that he genuinely cares, and is really doing everything he can to help me. I see him as a really great friend, not just a trainer from the gym.


Richard has created a training plan for me, tailored completely to my needs and where I'm at, taking into account my injuries, weaknesses, and strengths, and he's regularly doing research to refine it so that I'm training as effectively as possible for the best results. He's also significantly helped me with my diet, building a plan tailored to me (I'm vegetarian), where he's helped me with my nutrition requirements and given me great recipes. I find it really helpful that he explains what we're doing, why we're doing it and how it helps. One of the most unique (and really helpful) things that he's helped me with is with my mindset. He uses meditation to help me build mental strength and determination, and to help me visualise and achieve my goals. I've found this to be amazingly helpful when trying to keep to a diet plan. 


Thanks Rich!

Anna Thompson

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Training with Richard was one of the best things I could have done for my fitness. Despite having several gym memberships over the years, I never felt like I was reaching my full potential. I decided to start training with Richard to challenge myself and to reach towards my goals. What I didn't expect would be how much I loved the training and how each week, how much I looked forward to what challenges Richard came up with for me. As well as our sessions, which targeted what I wanted to work on, he also wrote me tailored training programmes for me to follow, which he altered when needed. Richard is great with communication, changing things when asked, to make things harder, or to work around injury. Unlike other trainers, his approach is completely individual and you don't feel as though what you get is a carbon copy of someone else. He takes the time to go through movements with you, giving appropriate stretches and watches form at all time to make sure everything is correct. Most importantly, Richard is forms a relationship with each of his clients, allowing him to push everyone to perform at their best and to be able to achieve and go beyond their goals. I would completely recommend him to anyone looking to improve strength and fitness or improve themselves in any way

Julian Huggins

Julian and Rich.jpg

It’s with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Richard

I approached Richard after becoming very frustrated at my inability to take myself to where I wanted to be. I was at the end of many years where I’d trained myself and effectively made an unconscious deal that “this was good enough” . The usual with guys, all arms and chest and everything else ignored. Except, I wasn’t really happy with that deal.

Feeling like this was a last chance, I started to train with Richard. What I got was someone who was more focused on getting a result than I was but in a considered way. Throughout the week, whenever I felt I was starting to lose focus on the goal, I’d get an unsolicited text asking how it was going, what was I training, was I on track and that he was already planning for the next session. These would be numerous through the week and all in support of one single half hour slot. And that session was the most challenging thing I’d do all week….

With someone that determined on your behalf, you can’t help but reach your progressive milestones – all of which were set by Richard. He got me to each one and continues to do so today with no loss of dedication or effort from when we first started together.

I can confirm that while you pay for a session , you are getting considerably more invested in you. Training has become my stress release and my favourite times of the week- so, if your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or just look good at the beach then Richard is your man! He’ll get you there!

Naglaa Al-Darkazly


Most amazing trainer I could have asked for! I’ve known Richard for almost 2 years and I can honestly say when it comes to strength training he’s your man. I started training with Richard in a bid to become stronger and generally tone up. What I have achieved with Richard’s help was far more than this! Using his programming techniques we improved my strength and fitness so much. I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. He is keen to help because he is passionate about what he does and he loves to see the end result. I have learned so much from Richard, he is willing to share his knowledge and answer any questions. Richard is committed and inspirational to help you reach your goals. He’s not just a trainer but an awesome friend as a bonus. Would recommend him without a doubt to anyone.

Rob Croft

Rob Croft.JPG

I have been training with Richard for nearly two years. In this time Richard has taken me from a complete beginner having never been in a gym to a confident lifter, familiar with most of the equipment in the gym.

I came to the gym as rehabilitation for a back injury. My primary goal being to improve my core strength and flexibilty to avoid further injury, and also to improve total body strentgth, flexiblity and fitness. As a fourty something male I believed I needed to get it right first time.

I feel very fortunate to have engaged Richard as my personal trainer. From the start showing genuine interest in my back issuses, directly consulting my specialist to check on appropriate excercises.

He instructed me in all the exercises for technique and form, so improtant to me.

Without exception I have found richard to be excellent. Compellingly as he also trains hard himself he is a good role model.


Positive and motivating.

Careful with exercise selection, technique and form.

Excellent with communication on appointments and punctuality.

Adding value with additional information/suggested reading.

Richard has continually evolved the program as my knowledge and abilities have grown. With a great sense of timing for advise or information that did not overwhelm or threaten me as I was learning.

With Richards help I have sigificantly increased my overall strength, flexibilty and fitness, avoiding any significant training injuries.  We have worked around or through minor inevtable niggles as I have adapted to different exercises. As I have improved my overall fitness these niggles are becoming fewer.

Most importantly I know my back is getting very much stronger and incidences of back pain are far fewer, and less intense, which feels great.  I accept after a lifetime of abuse that repairs and maintenance will be ongoing, but thats ok because Richard is fun to work with

Catherine Hassle

Catherine and Rich.jpg

Whether you’re an athlete or amateur in the fitness realm Richard Kerr-Phillips is one of the best. He pushes you past your limits to reach new ground you never thought existed. His knowledge ranges from boxing, complex compound strength building routines and exercises, body sculpting, and confidence growth. When I started going to the gym and training with him, I did not enjoy exercise. I complained 90% of the time. How he put up with that on a daily basis? I’m finding out now as I’ve become a Personal Trainer myself. Going from a shy, self-conscious unfit teenager to a confident and strong woman showing others to learn to love themselves and treat their body right is something I never thought I would be doing. This has happened from inspiration and encouragement from not just a Personal Trainer but a mentor, that I’m glad to have as a friend. In reading this don’t think after five sessions you’ll be wanting to be a Personal Trainer yourself (however epic and inspirational that sounds), I’m just emphasizing that Richard is the person to go to if you want to change your lifestyle for the better. If you want to challenge yourself both mentally and physically. If you want to have abilities you never thought your body was capable of. I know it sounds like I’m talking about super powers but once you’ve done Bulgarian split squats the way he does them, you’ll think super powers are for babies.  
When I started with Richard I was doing Bulgarian Split Squats from a deficit with just body weight and struggling. Now I can do them under the same conditions with 22.5kg dumbbells in each hand. I still struggle but I get them done.
Also, I’m the client who was in a car accident, and still went to a training session THAT DAY. Later on, that afternoon I went to a clinic and found out I had a sprained spine from said car accident earlier that day. So, if your trainer doesn’t motivate you to train after a car accident, you’re with the wrong trainer.

David Schroder

David S 2.jpg

After 10 years of searching I've finally found a way to lose weight, gain muscle and improve my wellbeing mentally and physically. I originally committed to training with Richard for 6 weeks -  I am now 18 weeks in and never felt better, I achieved my goal of dropping from 92kg to 75kg's in half the time I had allowed thanks to Richards  ongoing support. I am now working towards my next goal of 10% body fat which I have no doubts will be achieved through Richards meticulous planning and tailor made training sessions. My reasons for continuing with Richard post my original 6 week commitment are as follows.

Knowledgeable and professional standards: Richard sets a very professional standard with his clients, he invests himself in his client’s goals and is determined to make sure they are achieved - My goals are his goals. He also displays exceptional knowledge of the human anatomy and can tailor make training programmes for any type of goal whether it is muscle growth, fat loss, rehabilitation or strength and conditioning.

Motivation: Richards’s personality and style of training has pushed my results to the next level. I feel like I owe it to him to attend all my sessions and he keeps me motivated to strive for greatness in every session I have.  Richard keeps motivation high inside and outside of the gym - This trait has been key to the results I have seen over the last 18 weeks. He has a natural knack for getting people to achieve the best they can be and producing maximum output (even when you don't feel like it)

Results: By giving Richard a six week commitment he has proven to me he can get results. At my heaviest I was 93kg, >30% body fat, had dangerously high blood pressure and got breathless climbing a flight of stairs. I'm now a lean 75kg, 15% body fat, perfect blood pressure and the fittest I've been in my entire life. I'm now gaining muscle definition, am no longer embarrassed to go to the beach and my mental welling being has never been clearer. Richard has had to modify and my training sessions  as I reach milestones to ensure I achieve maximum results, this  type of fluid training takes meticulous planning and strategy on his part - of which he is completely and undeniably committed to. 

Education and sustainability: Prior to meeting Richard I had been misinformed about what I should be doing, this led to poor results, lack of motivation and ultimately failure. Richard works to educate his clients so that the lifestyle change can be permanent and sustainable for years to come. My knowledge of the human body, nutrition and good training practises have grown exponentially over the past 18 weeks. I now understand the value in training for the goal at hand, and how training will never be a "one size fits all" programme of work, which is why meeting with him was the best decision I've ever made for my mental and physical wellbeing.

If you're after results but don’t want to put in the laborious strategy and planning required, I'd highly recommend training with Richard. Invest 6 weeks of your time and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. You'll find some of those health and wellbeing goals that you’ve half-heartedly committed to get steamrolled by the momentum Richard can help you build. It will be the best thing you ever do!

David Schrodder

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