• Strength trainee with over 17 years experience

  • REP’s Certified Personal Trainer through NZIHF

  • Bayesian Bodybuilding Certified Personal Trainer

  • Awarded Personal Trainer of the year for the Snap Fitness Franchise in Auckland City, 2014

  • Nominated for Personal Trainer of the year for the Snap Fitness Franchise, Nation wide, 2016

  • Completed a six month solitary silent meditation retreat in Tharpaland International Retreat Centre, Germany Nov 2017 - May 2018

  • Master of Science degree in Sports, Exercise and Human Performance, University of Muenster, Germany,  2021

  • National Bench Press Champion in the 83kg Class, 2020

  • Represented New Zealand in the World Bench Press Championships, 2022


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About Us

Our philosophy

For us physical training and inner development go hand in hand and are mutually supportive. Improving your ability to train physically hard develops qualities of mind that are transferable to all areas of your life and lends itself well to spiritual training.

You can train your mind in values such as generosity, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration, wisdom, and compassion, just as you can train the physical body. In developing and strengthening these good qualities of mind you may improve your subjective experience of life.

It is from our wish to share our lifestyle, that combines inner development and physical training, with the world that the idea ‘The Razor’s Edge’ was born. The edge you need to master your own inner demons that hold you back in all areas of your life is not some far off unattainable psyche that can only be reached by the elite-minded. It is merely a slight shift in perspective that unlocks the hidden potential which exists in all of us and that makes the difference between those who are ‘good’ and those who are ‘great’.

The trick to succeeding in making this subtle shift in consciousness is to find the effort applied toward achieving your goals enjoyable - to delight in the work you are doing, knowing where it is taking you. When you succeed in this, the ‘hard work’ becomes something you look forward to and love doing; and your effort becomes unlimited. With unlimited energy applied toward your goals, most people can achieve more than they believed possible. This is our most important lesson to teach.

Perceiving effort, in itself, as enjoyable, takes practice. The difference in the quality of life experienced by those who succeed in finding effort enjoyable is massive, but the difference in their approach to the world is fine, as fine as a razor’s edge.