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Richard Kerr-Phillips

  • Founder of Razor's Edge Personal Training

  • Strength trainee with over 18 years experience

  • REP’s Certified Personal Trainer through NZIHF

  • Bayesian Bodybuilding Certified Personal Trainer

  • Nominated for Personal Trainer of the year for the Snap Fitness Franchise, nation-wide, 2016

  • Awarded Personal Trainer of the year for the Snap Fitness Franchise in Auckland City, 2014

  • Master of Science degree in Sports, Exercise and Human Performance, University of Muenster, Germany,  2021

  • Represented New Zealand at the IPF World Bench Press Championships, 2022 & 2023

  • Represented New Zealand in the IPF Powerlifting Commonwealth Championships, 2022

  • National Bench Press Champion in the 83kg Class, 2020

  • Based in Snap Fitness, Albany

  • Completed a six-month solitary silent meditation retreat in Tharpaland International Retreat Centre, Germany 2017/2018

Managing Director and Personal Trainer

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For us, physical training and inner development go hand in hand and are mutually supportive. Training hard begins with a strong mindset, to be able to endure physical difficulty in order  to reap physical reward; this ability is transferable. This same mindset taken toward inner development leads to the strengthening of one's own personal values, and the ability to live by them.

It is from our wish to share the riches that come from inner development and physical training, that the idea ‘The Razor’s Edge’ was born. The trick to training hard, physically and mentally, is to find the effort applied toward bettering yourself, enjoyable - to delight in the work you are doing, knowing you are closing the gap between you and your goals. Then the ‘hard work’ becomes something you look forward to and love doing. When you love the work you do, the journey becomes the destination, and you are already there. 

Perceiving effort, in itself, as enjoyable, takes practice. The difference in quality of life experienced by those who succeed in this is massive, but the difference in their approach to the world is fine, as fine as the razor’s edge.

Read on below to meet the team!

Ruby Cain

  • Passion for health, nutrition, fitness and weight training

  • Oversees nutrition guidance for all weight loss clients

  • Primary recipe developer for Razors Edge PT

  • Meal coordinator for competing Powerlifting athletes

  • Handler in Powerlifting: Commonwealths 2022, Worlds 2023, Auckland Championships 2023

  • Razors Edge events coordinator

  • Ran 6 half marathons in 6 years

  • Master of Arts in Sociology, Massey University 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Massey University

Client Success Coach and Consultant

Operations Manager

Kuan Lee

Online Personal Trainer

  • 4 years industry experience

  • Placed 3rd in the Auckland Powerlifting Novice Champs 2021

  • Placed 1st in Men's Physique at the NABBA Whanganui Regional Bodybuilding Championships in 2021, as well as winning the overall Physique category

  • Ran 2 x half marathons in 2020 and 2022

  • Ran the full Auckland Marathon in 2021

  • Studied exercise programing for bodybuilding and advanced strength athletes

  • In his spare time, he has a passion for all things adventurous - catch him on the mountains snow boarding or mountain biking

  • Based currently out of Thailand where he is honing his Thai Boxing skills

Carmen Ashcroft

  • Bachelor of Sports Science and Nutrition from AUT

  • Based in Snap Fitness, Albany

  • Placed 1st at the North Shore Snap Powerlifting Meet 2023

  • Experience working in multiple sectors of sport, from youth athletes to differently abled athletes, to the elderly

  • Reps Certified

Personal Trainer

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Carmen Profile pic small.png

Alex Deeon

  • PT certified through NZIHF

  • Passion for exercise and helping her clients to reach their goals

  • Based in Jetts Birkenhead

  • Competed in Bodybuilding WBFF NZ in the 'Bikini' category 

  • Competed in Bodybuilding WBFF Gold Coast, Australia in the 'Bikini' category 

  • Reps Certified

  • "We only get one body, so we need to learn to love the body we're given and that starts by becoming the best version of yourself"

  • In her spare time, Alex enjoys dance, working out and early morning sunrise hikes

Personal Trainer

Mary Moyle

  • Passion for empowering women to reach their full potential and build their self-esteem through strength training

  • Based out of Snap Fitness, Albany

  • PT certified through Fit Futures Academy

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Philippines 2012)

  • New Zealand Diploma in Healthcare Management Level 7 (NTEC Auckland 2016)

  • REPs Registered

  • First Aid Certificate 6401 and 6402

  • Placed 2nd in Powerlifting: “Get Strength Classic”, 2024

  • Competed in Powerlifting: “Auckland Cup”, 2023

  • "It’s not about being the best; it’s about being better than you were yesterday"

Personal Trainer

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