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Eat right to get the most from your workouts and craft your ideal physique. We have designed our Recipes with Meal Planning Calculator bundle to give you everything you need to meal prep as effectively as possible. A fool-proof calculator to calculate exactly how many calories and grams of protein you need to consume each day, in order to reach your strength and physique goals. Our patented Meal Planning Calculator takes into account your body weight, height, gender, level of physical activity in and outside the gym, even what you do for work, and your desired rate of weight loss, and then calculates exactly what you need to eat in order to achieve your goal. This is then combined with a list of our highly satiating, filling, tasty low calorie, high protein recipes for you to use as you please. The weekly meal planner in the calculator allows you to choose what you want to eat each meal, each day, and each week, and only gives you options that fit your target macros. Our highly effective recipes are included and built-in, allowing you to choose exactly what you want to eat in all your meals across the week. This tool simplifies meal prepping significantly, and figures out all the hard work for you. Use this tool and get in shape now.


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Meal Planning Calculator and Recipes Bundle

$129.00 Regular Price
$99.91Sale Price
  • Your Meal Plan Calculator with Recipes includes:

    • Customisable calculator to work out exactly how many calories and grams of protein you need each day to reach your goal
    • Tailored foods according to your weight, height, gender, even what you do for work, and desired rate of weight loss
    • Buildable food planner for the week - you choose what you want to eat based off our data
    • Shopping list function - as you plan your meals for the week, our spreadsheet compiles a shopping list for you to take to yourlocal supermarket and grocer
    • Recipes that are lean, high in protein AND delicious!
    • Easy-to-read instructions on how to optimise your success
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