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We offer the expertise and motivation of one-on-one personal training for weight loss, muscle gain and strength development combined with the sophistication of online coaching programing 

We believe that the path to success in mastery of your physique and maximising your strength lies in continual incremental gains applied consistently over a long time. We rely on strength training in a circuit fashion using carefully selected exercises that are supported by mountains of scientific research and that we have refined and curated over years of experience. In each session the emphasis is on getting stronger in each of these exercises, rather than getting through them as fast as possible, and thus there is a differentiation between what we do and traditional circuit training.

We typically use one to two exercises per muscle group function, depending on the function. Each exercise is chosen based on the exercises ability to meet our six principals of exercise selection. Once an exercise has been set, and its shown to be making progress, we keep that exercise in the program for as long as you are still making progress with it. Typically with our rep target selection, weight selection, weekly set volume, weekly exercise frequency and proximity to muscle failure employed in each set, we see that most people are still making consistent gains on their original exercises for at least six months into the training, often longer. While this way of training may sound boring on paper when compared to a spicy new program every six weeks, we find that people generally enjoy getting much stronger week by week, month by month, more than the variety of an arbitrarily designed new program every few weeks. 

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An important lesson I have learnt is that the main causes of happiness do not lie in becoming wealthy or in material development. No matter how good your external conditions are, if you are not content on the inside, you are never truly at peace. Thus, instead of investing my time and energy in material development I sought a path mostly of inner peace. Shantideva, an 8th Century Buddhist Mediation master once said, “All the happiness there is in this world arises from wishing others to be happy.” – and I believe this to be true in my own experience.

With happiness as my currency, I find I am wealthiest when I give of myself to others generously, when I eat healthily, exercise regularly and meditate habitually.

Thus, I have dedicated my life to helping others find these same riches in their own lives.
By doing so, I hope that many people will find a path towards health and inner peace, and thus the world will become a richer place.

- Richard, Razors Edge Founder

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